The “Together We Chill” Tournament on 119th between 2nd & 3rd Avenues in Spanish Harlem has quietly become the hottest new summer league in NYC. It was also the stage for round three of the summer battle between our buddy Ron Artest and K1X warrior Corey “187′ Williams. Homicide won the last round by giving Ron 46 pts two weeks ago at the Hunter Pro League. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation as the two heavyweights matched up possession after possession. It was even crazier that 187’s teammate Francisco Garcia (current Sacramento King) was not the featured match up for Ron Ron. At the end of the game 187 ended up with the loss, Ron’s team was stacked (Anti-Freeze, Cab Driver, Sick-One, Mike & Ant Glover), but 187 ended up with 33 points to Ron’s 24. we’re pretty sure this will not be the last round of this new and improved streetball battle…

187 and antawn (anti-freeze) dobie

187 and francisco garcia (sacramento kings)

dobie in box-fresh cg2’s

187 vs. ron ron

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