Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks can’t compare to the spectacle displayed Saturday afternoon in a monumental hoops in the sun classic between PR Pride/K1X and Hoop Street.

A week prior to this game, the infamous “The Cab Driver” broke “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield’s scoring record at “The Beach” with 65 points. A first guess would indicate that Satterfield didn’t take the news very well and looked to set things straight quickly…

PR Pride/K1X (incl. K-Sat & L.A. Clipper Andre Barret), after losing in a shootout last week against Bingo’s All-Stars, took the indoor-floor vs. Hoop Street. Both teams came in looking for their first victory of the season and those who stayed in the city for the holiday weekend were rewarded with an all-time classic. it quickly became apparent that this would be a high scoring affair with both teams tied at 44 at the end of the first quarter. PR Pride/K1X led Hoop Street 88-73 at halftime (!!) with Satterfield posting up 36 points while Barrett had 29. Satterfield took the back seat to his teammate in the third quarter letting Barrett go to work. But all hell broke loose in the fourth as both players hit shot after shot after shot. Layups, NBA three-pointers and Joe Dumars-like in-your-face buckets were handed out like business cards. Obviously all players and the buzzing crowd realized they were witnessing history in the making.

With less than a minute remaining, Satterfield (65 points) hit a three point bomb that sent the crowd into a frenzy giving him 68 points for the game and breaking “The Cab Driver’s” 7 day-old scoring record. Barrett, who had 63 points with two seconds remaining, hit a three point shot from the corner as time expired giving him 66 points for the game and capping the afternoon off with an historical 178-165 victory over Hoop Street.

But there were more records broken besides Satellites new scoring milestone (68 pts): PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a game (178), both teams combined for the most total points (353), PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a half (88), Satterfield broke the record for most three-point shots made by a player in a game (11) and PR Pride/K1X now owns the record for the most three-point shots made by a team in a game (23). Not bad for a days work!

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