Remember the electrifying sensation of watching Latrell Sprewell on the break? Flying braids. Lanky arms. Incredible hops. This dude had enormous horse-power and was a vicious airborne finisher. The Warriors made one of the franchise’s cleverest moves by stealing Spree (University of Alabama) in 24th place at the 1992 draft. He quickly established himself as the club
‘s #1 offensive threat, became an all-star and the face of the franchise. In 1997, Sprewell literally went at coach Carlesimo’s throat during practice and was consequently traded to the New York, where he was an instant fan favorite with the Knicks (and once scored 9 of 9 from downtown). Still, Spree is often times remembered for dealing with flashy rims, and several seedy incidents, which took place on his yacht (“Milwaukee’s Best”). And of course, the strangling of PJC. Helluva player. Dubious dude.

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