OK, so maybe he wasn’t everyone’s favorite player. But Reggie didn’t give a rat’s ass if you liked him or not. He was all about winning – nothing else. The Pacers drafted him in 11th place out of UCLA in 1987 – and never regretted it even for a second. Killer Miller was the ultimate crunch time performer, snaking his way past countless picks to get himself into position to take that clutch shot. Usually from way downtown. A franchise player who stayed with his team from the first day to last (18 years!), Reggie Miller came up the hard way, regularly getting beat in one one one game’s versus his older sister Cheryl, maybe the best female basketball player ever. But these defeats left an impression and shaped his approach to the game: losing is not an option. 5x All-Star, 2x Gold Medalist, legitimate Hall of Famer and one helluva dude.

Check out his Top 10 moments incl. the very definition of “Miller-Time” at the EC Finals vs. the NY Knicks in 1995, when he scored 8 points in 9 seconds to win the game (and shut up his nemesis Spike Lee):


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