Oh boy. These two dudes may just be the very definition of our entire “90s Flavor” series. Here’s a couple reasons why:
1. Both had the swagger of a million billion trillion. They played in MSG (aka the world’s biggest stage) and didn’t take nuthin’ from nobody. They had what made that Knicks squad so special: a cocky attitude and boundless confidence.
2. Country-boy Starks bagged groceries at a local supermarket in Oklahoma not long before he dwarfed the Bulls with THE DUNK…*
3. Mason was a power forward who brought the ball (coach Don Nelson invented the term “Point Forward” just for him).
4. Mase -who sported a dope tooth-gap and mustache- surprised fans with new hairdos almost on a nightly basis (remember the Paisley pattern!?) and appeared in this dope video by Diamond D.
5. They both will forever remain underdogs because they never won the ‘chip. Starks was actually the main reason why. In game 7 of the 1994 Finals vs. the Rockets, he shot 2-18 from the field including 0-11 in the fourth quarter. That was that. But we’ll always love him, because we know that even the most horrible stats could not keep him from taking the next shot.

* There is no way in hell we would keep this from you:


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