For those who don’t know, now you know…Here’s a bit of k1x history & philosphy (light version):

k1x – Grounded in basketball lifestyle since 1993.

The k1x brand (spoken „kay-one-ex“) evolved naturally from the acknowledged basketball & sneaker specialist store „KICKZ“ and the trail-blazing internet site Building an own brand was a logical consequence for an experienced company with a vision and an edge.

At k1x almost every position, from ceo to facility manager, is played by active ballers, making niche expertise and credibility the company’s foundation. Rain-Man-like attention to basketball-specific details are a question of honor. So premium functionality and fresh urban styles at „ballers 4 ballers“ pricing define every k1x product.

k1x is the first basketball lifestyle brand to simultaneously emphasize on-court and off-court styles. Because a basketball player will always be a basketball player, whether he be ballin’, in the club or at his mom’s. The product range consists of various performance basketball- and street kicks, hiking boots, hiking boots, tees, suits, jerseys, shorts, caps, knits, beanies, crewnecks, hoodies, socks, jackets, balls, jeans, bags and various other accessories.

In 2002, k1x launched ist first performance sneaker, the „Chiefglider“ which has appeared in over 20 different variations (one of them designed by sneaker don Bobbito Garcia) and received rave reviews by mags (SOLE Magazine, SLAMS’s KICKS…) and tested sneaker sites like Prof. K’s November 2005 was a milestone in k1x history: NBA star and Tru Warier Ron Artest decided to sign with us, making him the first NBA player to officially rock the k1x „Chiefglider“ on the hallowed hardwood of the NBA. The ultimate validation for k1x, because Ron is what we are all about: „You can’t teach heart.“

In 2005, k1x gave birth to the „Strictly Business“ and „Evo“, two pure breed on-court performers. The range of off-court sneakers like the „Lazy Layup“, „Club Selecao“, „Look Ma, No Shoelaces“, „Meet the Parents“ and the „H1ke“ boot continues to expand and make non-believers check the stats. Grass-roots partnerships with institutions and originators like Rucker Park, Team Sierra Leone or Bobbito Garcia have made k1x the „got next“ phenom. Today, k1x-Nation of Hoop is sold in over 25 countries worldwide. Others had their turn to flex, k1x is up next.

ron artest rocks k1x