We celebrated “The Greatest Sneaker Story Yet To Be Told” during Berlin Fashion Week with our friend Patrick Mohr – … it took us quite a while to get back on track…

The party was off the hook! Harris, Schowi, Clint Stewart & Pan-Pot lit the place on fire and when Dope Soundsystem surprisingly showed up it became pure madness.

The coolest cats lined up around the block of an old GDR-cinema. Once inside we managed to get about 1.000 people dancing, drunk and sweaty! We guess that’s the Berlin-way … Check out all the pictures in our Facebook gallery!

Big shout out to Peter Kaaden, Beck’s, Bombay Sapphire, Thomas Henry & Vitaminwater

Our deepest gratitude to everybody who showed up and made this night truly incredibly.

PS: we even spotted 2Pac, but see for yourself…





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