here are some pics taken last weekend at a streetball jam in romania that featured international jaw-droppers kevin “golden child” kemp (it’s gotta be the name!!) out of tacoma, “fly” guy dupuy, and yann de blaine of the dunkalicious crew, france… and of course, the godfather of dunk kadour “zianimal” ziani, who was on hand to host the show and write a ton of autographs…

see the golden child go nuts

wanna know what easy jumping is?

watch yann and brice de blaine take off

the zianimal goes wild…

…and wows spider salley on the best damn sport show period


  1. danila says:

    these dunkers right here put on a show in romania. it was great. Golden Child is from another planet…he jumps like crazy

  2. Mihai says:

    any chance you guys will come again in Romania? i love’d the show and i’d do anything to see it once again live!!

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