K1X’ new winter collection “Baloncesto Libre” is our tip of the hat to Mexico’s lucha libre wrestling culture. Bare knuckle, mano-y-mano and caged – like a good old fashioned streetball showdown. After all, the flavor of a roundhouse dropkick comes very close to a nasty facial dunk or ankle breaker when it comes to “shutting it down”. The freewheeling attitude of big sweaty dudes in weird masks and the instinctive nature of basketball made us want to take the project one step further. So we incorporated the element of artistic freestyle in this look book by asking several creative friends to get busy on the backdrops. Of course, the K1X Arty Farty Collective went berserk …

Peep the clip on the big ass banner on top of the website and make sure to check all the images after the jump for a closer look at the collection!

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