Let’s admit one thing right off the bat: we never saw this one. Dunno, it’s just one of those things, guess everyone needs a gap in education someplace or another. So let’s keep it superficial…

Pro: This one has got to be good. Space Jam features the most legendary ball players ever, like our boy Muggsy Bogues! (As well as Cedric Ceballos.) And then throws in the most legendary cartoon figures of all time (Pepe, Daffy, Bugs, Porky…) for added value. Plus the movie’s soundtrack by Quad City (“Space Jam”) is one of the most recognizable ever. Sounds pretty dope.

Contra: WTF?! This movie is nothing but one big product placement. Do I get paid too? Ballers can’t rap – so why should they be any good at acting? And why the hell should I see a movie feat. animated green monsters performing ridiculously awkward dunks? Am I six years old? And “Space Jam” must be the corniest most played out soundtrack of all times. I wouldn’t even see this if I had to babysit my sister’s kid and all there was left to do was watch this dvd.

You do the math…

One thought on “Basketball in Movies – Part 10: “Space Jam” (1996)

  1. pato says:

    :P @ #oldpeople or #2cool4school – this is a classic for the kids born in the mid to late 80’s :) It’s not every day you see basketball being exposed to the young’ns in the movies. If you’re too old or too cool then imagination might not be your best friend anymore. Too bad, because you might lose out on a lot of cheap fun :) No alcohol needed

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