k1x warrior corey “homicide” williams just posted his new entry on www.hoopshype.com, check it out…

Corey Williams, known as “Homicide” on the playgrounds, never played in a big-time college program and has balled in such places as China, Sweden or Venezuela. But his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by the NBA people. He’s had short stints with the Toronto Raptors and the Denver Nuggets and is now trying to catch on with another NBA team by showcasing his skills in the D-League with the Dakota Wizards. Williams will talk about his experiences in the NBADL at HoopsHype.com.

Hi there! Here I am, adapting to my new teammates with the Dakota Wizards. We’re leading the pack in the East, so right now it’s good to feel that we are the guys to beat. Coach Joerger and me have worked together in the past and his coaching style hasn’t changed at all. It’s a perfect fit for my game. I’m really happy so far.

I actually haven’t seen much of Bismarck since my first games were on the road… But I don’t have bad feelings about cities that are very different to New York City. I’ve been in places like Israel, so it just doesn’t matter where I am living as long as it doesn’t affect my goal: play ball and have a shot at returning to the NBA.

Now there’s some bad weather around here, so the NBADL had to change our schedule and we will have a lot of home games coming up. It’s a great chance to become a stronger team just before the playoffs.

By the way, I’m pretty excited about my campaign with K1X. I have a shoe test in six weeks, another step before the birth of my ‘187’ model, which will be released during the D-League Finals. You know, I’m ‘Homicide’ Williams, so it was a no-brainer to use the police code when a homicide is committed. My killings happen on the court, though. And I’m still very hungry looking for more victims.

I saw the injury of Shaun Livingston earlier this week. A freak accident. An uncontested layup, nobody touched him… But it’s just the fate of sports. One day you’re at the top and within seconds you’re in a terrible spot. The worst injury I’ve had was a soreness in one of my feet and it took six weeks before I could play again. That was a very difficult time for me, so I can’t even imagine what’s ahead for Shaun. I just wish him luck and hope he will be soon again playing in the NBA.

Talk to you soon. Keep ballin’. Bye!