The Beko BBL All Star Day, held this past Saturday in Bonn, might just have been the best edition the yearly celebration in Germany’s highest professional league has seen in recent memory. Our K1X Warriors more than held their own with Per Günther, Brandon Thomas and Dirk Mädrich suiting up for the All Star Game while our boy Lipek went absolutely bonkers in the Dunk Contest. A special high-five to Ulm’s Will Clyburn who put on one helluva show! PG threw in the 2nd place in the 3-point shootout for good measure.

The style highlight of the night certainly goes to sharp-shooter Edgar Sosa, rocking our Blackboard Snapback Cap during the contest. Aside from a surprise comeback by Chris Ensminger (Salute!), Dirk Mädrich earned the fans’ outmost respect. Started from the bottom for real.

Find more pictures after the jump or in our Facebook gallery!

ASD Final 2

ASD Final 14

ASD Final 7

Photo credit: Christian Trojan

ASD Final 3

ASD Final 1

ASD Final 4

ASD Final 5

ASD Final 6

ASD Final 8

ASD Final 9

ASD Final 10

ASD Final 11

ASD Final 12

ASD Final 13

ASD Final 15

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