A lot of people have asked us about the meaning of the iconic logo that NY-based artist Bill McMullen has created for our Blackboard Pack. Is it a basketball backboard? Is it a black power fist? Is it both? So we went ahead and asked the man himself. Here’s Bill’s inspiration behind out Blackboard Pack:

“For me, it’s mainly about unity forming power. The five players coming together to form a team on court – the fist. And I think that’s good advice about teamwork, something we can all utilize on and off the court.”

If you want to hear Bill’s whole take on the matter – including the role former Knicks Coach Jeff Van Gundy has played in the design process – simply check out the interview with Billions McMillions in the latest edition of our K1X Tracks radioshow (starting at the 16:45 mark).

Get selected items from our Blackboard Pack by Bill McMullen now at Sneakersnstuff, Colette, Brand Catcher, JD Gold, Embassy, Stealbruch, Rude Stylz and Kickz.com.

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