September 29, 2008


k1x warrior c-wood just sent us this cryptic message outta training camp in philly. more as things start to crystalize …

I MADE IT – I’MA 76ER …!
C – W* o* o* d*

September 29, 2008


k1x warrior t-dub just won the loaded nba sprite slam dunk contest in the ay-tee-ell in convincing fashion, beating out fellow studs rizer, werm, elevator, golden child, jfk and sopecial efx. t-dub took home 5k and a whole lotta bragging rights. all in all, a pretty good look for the 5’9 phenomenon.

September 28, 2008


michael “hawk” hawkings (27), nephew of THE nba hall of famer/nyc playground legend connie hawkins (!), just sent us this clip outta phoenix. watch him soar …

September 23, 2008


last season, corey williams made a grand entry in australia’s nbl by mixing things up for the townsville crocs as well as at the all-star game and receiving strong consideration for season mvp honors in his rookie season. homicide’s non-bullshit game, on-fire approach and likable personality made him an instant fan favorite. of course, homi is back with the crocodiles down under this season. here’s a look back at some of last season’s highlights …

September 17, 2008


our guys from gigantes in spain have just hit us up with this new feature on the newest member of team flight brothers: guy dupuy.

check out the article by clicking on the images below!

September 17, 2008


french dunking sensation guy dupuy has joined “the best team ever” as he calls it: team flight brothers. watch the first tfb clip with “fly guy” including footage from espn’s city slam.

September 16, 2008


the two guys from france took their show to the big stage, national tv. watch the clip from ” Le plus grand cabaret du monde” below.

September 11, 2008


This summer was full of great basketball and no game was more of an example of that than the K1X HITS All Star game. The court was star studded with all-nyc Top 10 ballers Antawn Dobie, Kenny Sat, Mike Glover, DP, Cab Driver, Stixx, Rick Apodaca, Jiggie Josh, Special FX, Undertaker, and many more.
There wasn’t one bum in a uniform that day. Check out some of the highlights.

YouTube Preview Image

—> versus < ---

September 10, 2008


wanna know how t-dub & team flight brothers come up with their crazy dunks? check this clip of t and werm (and chuck himself!) getting creative. one day you will look back and think “i saw those guys practicing that on a baby rim … ”

YouTube Preview Image

—> versus < ---

September 7, 2008


peep this clip by slam’s matt caputo about k1x warrior homicide williams. we always knew he was made for the cameras, now you do too. hear him talk about how he came up in nyc streetball and ended up with a k1x shoe deal…
one love homi!

click the image to get to the video!

here is homicide’s exclusive take on the Top 10 of nyc streetball players.

YouTube Preview Image
September 5, 2008


here is a subjective top 10 list of this summers’ best nyc park ballers, compiled by none other than bounce’s sean couch himself, who definately knows a thing or two about nyc streetball.
also check here:

1. Ron “Apocolypto” Artest – Played in every tournament in the city with a rep. Did not take a night off earning permanent respect from the streets of NY.

2. Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie – Put the “autochop” on the X-Men in the tournament of champions with a 44-point display that was the best individual performance of the summer. Winner of the playoff MVP in the Tri-State Classic. Top Performance of the Year – Antawn Dobie @ TOC

3. Mike “King of NY” Campbell – Tournament of Champions MVP and a potent professional scorer. Controls the tempo from the forward position and puts daggers in the heart of his opponents on the regular. Many feel he’s number 2.

4. Darren “DP” Phillips – His block game dominated this summer and no one rebounded like him either. Took on the personal challenge and out-dueled the Glover brothers at Tri-State cementing a chip off a clutch offensive rebound.

5. Corey “Homicide” Williams – Before he left for Australia, Homicide was the top performer of the summer. Had a sick week in the middle of July, averaging 40 a game, capping it off with a 44-point performance against Ron Artest.

6. Quinton “T2″ Hosely – “Q” scored at will but didn’t show the same dominance displayed last year. However, he is the most NBA-ready playground performer in the city and his Real Madrid showing could backpack him to a NBA big-money contract real soon.

7. Mike “I-Robot” Glover – Shook off early season rust and played above the rim on offense and defense. Showed strong intensity and focus in close games

8. Kenny Satterfield – Satterfield is also a dedicated playground pro who shows up everywhere to play. His game isn’t flashy, but his numbers go unchallenged.

9. Sundiata Gaines – Power guard who showed range and superior handles. Strong transition player who is a monster on both ends of the floor.

10. Kareem “Iron Chef” Reid – The King of “chop” had a down year chip-wise, but his high handle never gets stripped. Reid had to lead all guards this summer in assists.

extra extra:
a very honorable mention goes out to c-wood and special efx, who made mad moves and had some sick highlights this summer….

September 5, 2008


r is for ron. r is for rocket. r is for rip shit up.

September 5, 2008


meet the wallpaper from hell. you will never find anything on your desktop again. except for a look back at k1x’s new york summer 2008…

September 4, 2008


k1x warrior terrell “t-dub” cournoyea is featured in slam’s all new issue of “kicks”. read all about the team flight brothers 5’9 dunking phenom including the high flying tricks he still has up his sleeve and why he’s really actually scared of flying …

September 2, 2008

Homicide Down Unda

here is some action from the 2008 “k1x shoot pass n slam” streetball tournament played in sydney australia earlier this year. homicide was the star of the show that was aired on australian national tv. there was over $20,000 in cash and prizes won on the day. “the sensations” were loaded with australian nbl pros taking home $10,000 in cash for the pro division. the “k1x shoot pass n slam” was hosted with foot locker and will be back in 09 with more players, more cash and more homicide, who is already back in townsville to play his second season for the crocodiles … special shout goes out to our boys justus, chuck, iceman james, herr rizi & co. who won some extra beach-bum money by winning the second men’s division!
click the clip below to see all the highlights and homicide (a born anchor-man if we ever saw one) talk the talk.

August 29, 2008


it’s about that time…back to school time. still there is reason to rejoice! we have just dropped our all new fall/winter line, called “versus”. you can read all about it simply by clicking the banner above. in a nutshell: this collection is about confrontation with happy endings. meaning we have mixed materials and opposed extremes to create a better product. sounds kinda intellectual? yeah, maybe. but wait ’til you see the outcome. this collection has more range than reggie miller – and boasts basketball-specific details like a stat-sheet. again, click the banner above to see a whole bunch of pics we took with some old and new members of the k1x inner circle. warriors like homicide williams, darren phillip, kareem reid, t-dub, high rizer as well as hip hop heads like saigon, joell ortiz, heltah skeltah or red cafe…
sometimes, we get all fancy with our photoshoots. then we arrange for arri lights, 5-star catering, a handful of assistants, puffy’s stylist, location scout, trailer, haute-couture photographer, fluff girls and all types of crap. well, not really. still, this time, we kept it realer than your local liquor store. all we did was hang out with the fam and shoot from the hip.
thanks to everyone who made this happen: big dus, neil, fu, pete, heiko, danny, dani, paul, jan, jeff, homi & the bx fam, keith, dp & the bk fam, thirst & hardware, big game reid, charles millan & t-dub, linda, mike & rize (atl), kevin & kadour, pretty ricky, c-wood, mel & grafh, dk, hannah, amber, ceez, d-solo, noah, k-starr, red, the kidz, ruck & rock, sophie & sai, mike, dennis & j.o, sha & stephenie and the whole k1x team.

August 28, 2008


is this a sight or what? ron ron looks like a million bucks in that firetruck houston jersey and those all time classic crispy white chiefeys. and it seem he’s ready to go. we can’t wait to see yao, t-mac and the tru warier take on jesus, truth and the big ticket. the olympics were nice, but it’s time for the league to get revved up. thanks to getty images for letting us show you this picture we could never have afforded!

August 21, 2008


the money train was once again rolling at the tri state classic taking the championship after defeating ed all-stars over the weekend. the game – some say it was the best of the summer – was packed with big names like antawn dobie, dp, c-wood, king of new york and special fx lacing it up for money train and quinton “T2-Judgement day” hosley, gordy malone aka “the cab driver“ and kenny sat representing ed all-stars.

t2 and serious sattelite kept it coming to secure an 18-point lead for ed a.s. at halftime. but darren phillip and the undertaker dominated the boards in the second half while antifreeze put the money train into fastbreak mode. the team even managed to overcome a 42-point efford by “t2“ and took the lead for good in o.t.

mvp honors went to darren phillip (regular season) and antifreeze (final). concrats to both guys!

pandemonium reigned supreme at 145th

antawn dobie aka antifreeze

the mvp’s mvp wins another trophy for his stunning collection. just to explain: k1x tee left, tsc trophy right…

emp & c-wood are sweatin’ in their drawers, yeah, oh, yeah…

after the game dp gave a special shout ot to the k1x family

YouTube Preview Image
August 19, 2008

Watson Day !!!

It’s official, Watson Day should be a national holiday. Ok, maybe not, but it was definitely off the hook. Watson day is a street festival to celebrate all the different cultures of the bx. There’s salsa pumping on one end of the festival and hip hop on the other. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the
entire thing goes on right outside of the Watson Classic Basketball tournament. It was a like k1x heaven. Hip-hop performances (krs 1, slick Rick, Team blackout) and hoops going on at the same time.

Next week will be even crazier when coach Bernard takes his M.o.e (money over everything) team to the chip versus Play da Game Entertainment that is coached by local hoops legend Artie Green. It’s definitely going to be a goody. Stay tuned.

and why the hell not?!?

the bridge is over! krs one enters the building…

bx all day! forever, actually…

dr fu cuddles up to his childhood idol, slick rick. matching your tee to hook up to your limegreen eye-patch is one of the very slickest looks ever, by the way!

somethings goin’ on in the hood…

team black out live on stage

more teams shoulb be ballin in that silver/blk/wht color way!

get yours at selcted foot lockers and champs…

the best play by play in biz?

up up and away…

August 19, 2008


after winning at watson, k1x warrior cory “the undertaker” underwood hurried to west 4th and joined his team money train at the second quarter … money train defeated 2 x west 4th champs sean bell all star’s/ddn 91-80 … c-wood had 25 points in only 20 minutes … not bad for one days work

jam packed

swish from the stipe

v is for victory. c-wood was 2:0 this sunday…