July 7, 2008



Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks can’t compare to the spectacle displayed Saturday afternoon in a monumental hoops in the sun classic between PR Pride/K1X and Hoop Street.

A week prior to this game, the infamous “The Cab Driver” broke “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield’s scoring record at “The Beach” with 65 points. A first guess would indicate that Satterfield didn’t take the news very well and looked to set things straight quickly…

PR Pride/K1X (incl. K-Sat & L.A. Clipper Andre Barret), after losing in a shootout last week against Bingo’s All-Stars, took the indoor-floor vs. Hoop Street. Both teams came in looking for their first victory of the season and those who stayed in the city for the holiday weekend were rewarded with an all-time classic. it quickly became apparent that this would be a high scoring affair with both teams tied at 44 at the end of the first quarter. PR Pride/K1X led Hoop Street 88-73 at halftime (!!) with Satterfield posting up 36 points while Barrett had 29. Satterfield took the back seat to his teammate in the third quarter letting Barrett go to work. But all hell broke loose in the fourth as both players hit shot after shot after shot. Layups, NBA three-pointers and Joe Dumars-like in-your-face buckets were handed out like business cards. Obviously all players and the buzzing crowd realized they were witnessing history in the making.

With less than a minute remaining, Satterfield (65 points) hit a three point bomb that sent the crowd into a frenzy giving him 68 points for the game and breaking “The Cab Driver’s” 7 day-old scoring record. Barrett, who had 63 points with two seconds remaining, hit a three point shot from the corner as time expired giving him 66 points for the game and capping the afternoon off with an historical 178-165 victory over Hoop Street.

But there were more records broken besides Satellites new scoring milestone (68 pts): PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a game (178), both teams combined for the most total points (353), PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a half (88), Satterfield broke the record for most three-point shots made by a player in a game (11) and PR Pride/K1X now owns the record for the most three-point shots made by a team in a game (23). Not bad for a days work!

For standings & schedules check: www.hoopsinthesun.net


bx bomber andre barrett

h.i.t.s. mc bobby c with talks it up with the sixties

July 4, 2008


peep this clip of slam nation’s legendary kadour ziani & hervé “mr peps” slammin their hearts out at “tournoi de l’asphalte” in france last weekend.

YouTube Preview Image

wanna know what they were wearing? here’s a closer look…

k1x fam jam wifey

k1x 5th element bball shorts

and of course, the dunkers’ choice: k1x chiefglider 2

July 3, 2008


homicide williams is what streetball is. you’ve seen him walk the walk. now hear him talk the talk…
cop the all new 187 at selected foot lockers in usa and europe.

YouTube Preview Image
July 3, 2008


The number one streetball event of the summer is getting closer. germany’s reality check will be going down on july 19th and 20th in cologne. be prepared.


July 3, 2008


here are two dunks from a slam session in florida last week….

July 2, 2008


last week slam nation put on a show at the Tournoi de l’Asphalte in france introducing its newest member along the way. hervé fit right in with a series of rim rattling dunks and made his k1x debut a memorable one. kadour ziani was also back in action and obviously doing his thing as you can tell from the pics below.

June 30, 2008


just thought we’d share this with you…

June 28, 2008


the u.s. release of our corey “homicide” williams signature shoe “187″ was another milestone for k1x, in the ongoing quest to take over the world, one court at a time. in a club (madison/manhattan) packed with talent, nyc’s most dangerous was THE go-to-guy this thursday, as ballplayers, mc’s, media and most importantly friends and family celebrated a big big day for homi, k1x and streetball in general. big shout-out to corey’s bx fam (whites, snoop, bozo, flight, keith & george)! major shout-out to k1x warriors darren philipp, kareem reid, rick apodaca, cory underwood and panama…
the 187 is now available in selected foot locker stores all over the usa. get yours at “by-baller-for-baller” price !
big up homi here: www.myspace.com/chomicide

also check out what australias basketball league had to say about the 187! www.nbl.com.au

who was in the building? here’s part 1…

homicide williams brought a date, his moms! (in background bk rapper sha stimuli)

sky zoo


block royal & rick “open bar” apodaca

jojo & crew (runs house)

young gunna

c wood

big dus

team k1x feat. homicide

flight with 187 wht/blk and blk/wht

hater kool keith


primal fear & panama kirkland

bx meets bk

June 26, 2008


who really is the number one among all those great dunkers in the world today? watch t-dub, guy dupuy and kadour rise up against the competition and judge for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image
June 25, 2008

H.i.t.s. WEEK ONE


Day one was capped off with a battle between the two Co-MVP’s of the 2007 season, Dwight Hardy and “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield. Dwight Hardy of R2K led his team to victory over the notorious Money Train, 121-117 Saturday afternoon. With the Trains’ backcourt of “Antifreeze” Antawn Dobie & “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield, it wasn’t enough to uplift a victory due to Hardy’s 54 point performance. Hardy’s 54 points is the most scored by a player in an opening season game, as well as breaking Satterfield’s record of most points scored by a player in a half, with 37 points coming in the second half. Money Train kept it close behind Satterfield’s 38 points & 26 points coming from the “The Undertaker” Corey Underwood, but when it came crunch time, Dwight Hardy was there to stop the Money Train dead in its tracks and let everyone know that he’s a problem. Money Train found that out up close and personal.

June 24, 2008

shaq throwing punch(lin)es

“kobe, you couldn’t do without me…everybody, kobe, tell me how my a** taste?”
big shaq o’neal on stage freestylin’! make sure you check this out…if you haven’t done so…!

June 23, 2008

real recognize real

slamonline.com has given new life to its streetball section with matt caputo’s piece about h.i.t.s. at orchard beach. read it for yourself to find out about undertaker and kenny satterfield turning up the heat, ladies, drinks and most importantly: competitive streetball games – a typical day at hoops in the sun.


June 20, 2008


this is youtube video # 100 for legendary team flight brothers (congratulations fellas!), and (among a barrage of other ridiculous jams) features a dunk for the ages – coined the “double-up” by the world’s fiercest 5′9 dunking sensation himself, t-dub. watch him jump over charles millan, pluck the rock from his manager’s extended arm, then take it thru the legs (!!!) and jam it home with authority. as far as we know, this has never been done before; and we thought isaiah rider was on another planet in 1994…
welcome to the fam t! big shout out to chuck! this shit ain’t pretty.

June 9, 2008


from time to time, we like to show you who has lately been spotted reppin’ that kay-won-ex. in todays installment of “heads”, we give you detroit mc frank nitty (of frank n dank), new york got-next mc saigon, streetball icons hot sauce & alimoe, as well as slam dunk boy wonder t-dub of the almighty team flight brothers…

June 5, 2008

germany’s reality check

thought you’ve seen it all? the 360 over the table, the windmill over the porsche? think again. we are just getting started. k1x and germany’s reality check are going to heat it up this summer. so don’t sleep.
here’s a look back at last year…


June 5, 2008


making something out of nothing is an art form. americanisado.com has just upgraded your local park, by telling you how to stay in game shape with the most basic equipment. this gym knows no membership fee! scroll down further for more fitness routines…


June 4, 2008

product of the week

k1x fam photo hoody:
wanna learn about our history? easier done that said. just check out the all new fam photo hoody that features a bunch of snapshots from k1x’s past: tru warier reppin k1x, team k1x wins the basketball challenge 2006, freetown flavor from sierra leone, sneaka pete etc.

June 4, 2008

WHAT THE……!?!&$”%§$

check those two freestylers gettin jiggy with it in nancy, france!

YouTube Preview Image
June 3, 2008


the urspring academy is to high school basketball in germany, what the celtics were to the nba during the sixties: the cream of the crop. coach ralph junge’s under-19 squad won back-2-back titles (2007 & 2008) in the coveted nbbl competition by defeating alba berlin 84:76 in front of a frenzied crowd in langen last weekend. this closes another extremely successful season for junge & czerny, who already left a lasting impression internationally, by beating out armani jeans milano and bergamo for the ‘chip in italy earlier this year. the basketball academy has brought forward a number of stellar alumnis (like nikolai simon and ncaa ballers jermaine raffington, Vince Polakovic & lucca staiger), and looks to build on this tradition with young guns like go-getter maurice stuckey, nbbl rookie of the year kevin bright (see him at the nba without borders camp in istanbul next week), nbbl mvp chris standhardinger, the general frank wiesler etc. etc.

on a personal note, k1x is extremely proud to see team urspring build up a most unique winning tradition in k1x uniforms! y’all even look better than the competition. but guys, you forgot to chop down those victory nets in the background!?

find out more about urspring academy: www.basketball.urspringschule.de

left to right: rookie Of the year kevin bright, captain frank wiesler and mvp christian standhardinger

team urspring academy: back 2 back, baby!

June 3, 2008


here are some pics taken last weekend at a streetball jam in romania that featured international jaw-droppers kevin “golden child” kemp (it’s gotta be the name!!) out of tacoma, “fly” guy dupuy, and yann de blaine of the dunkalicious crew, france… and of course, the godfather of dunk kadour “zianimal” ziani, who was on hand to host the show and write a ton of autographs…

see the golden child go nuts

wanna know what easy jumping is?

watch yann and brice de blaine take off

the zianimal goes wild…

…and wows spider salley on the best damn sport show period