August 8, 2008


high rizer, just like dat…

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August 8, 2008


this years heavily awaited city slam show will be taped in chicago this weekend and aired on espn august 14th (7pm), before being repeated a couple of times on espn & espn2 … the field is stacked with talent and features the worlds best dunkers, like k1x warriors guy dupuy, t-dub, and high rizer (fabian “milky way” greiser had to cancel due to a knee injury) and other favorites like golden child, werm, air bama etc. find out more about the event here:

peep this video to see t-dub at a recent freestyle session, which was gate-crashed and celebrated by a ton of kids:
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here’s a slow-mo clip of some past t-dub highlights that’ll make you snap your fingers
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August 6, 2008

Watson classic in full effect.

The BX Takeover is in full swing and the Watson Classic was pumpin this past weekend. The vibe was crazy as usual. Joe Pope and P.O. kept the jokes and commentary coming all day, rapper Cuban Link watched from courtside and even Bobbito came through to soak it all in. K1X was on full display from
players like Roscoe “the defender” reppin the cg 2′s to the crowd rockin our trademark reversible check- and double “x” shorts.

roscoe aka “backpack” may just have the coolest nickname on the nyc streetball circuit

August 4, 2008

HITS All-Stars hands down the “187″ on Dyckman’s Best

In probably one of the most anticipated streetball games in NYC history, Hoops in the Sun All-Stars, representing Orchard Beach in the Boogie Down Bronx, took on the Dyckman All-Stars, representing the Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan.

The game that was scheduled, then canceled, then re-scheduled finally went down Friday night with talent fully loaded, and if you were in attendance Friday night, you may have just witnessed another historical event in the annals of NYC streetball.

With players such as Kemba Walker, Dwight Hardy, Brian Williams (Tennessee) and the infamous “Cab Driver”, HITS were more stacked than IHOP on a Mother’s Day morning. Sporting the fresh to death blue and white K1X All-Star uni’s that were worn during HITS All-Star 2008, HITS All-Stars were ready to play in front of a standing room only crowd at Dyckman park.

Bobby Cey, Uncle G-Stacks and Kenny Stevens called the action in a collaborated three-man announcing alignment, reminiscing Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

Feeling each other out in the first half, both teams traded buckets, trying to establish a groove and a flow to the game. Dyckman All-Stars, who brought out former Iowa State star Curtis Stinson, “The Franchise” John Strickland, Mike Wilson and “Baby Shaq”, were hitting from all cylinders in the first half including an amazing, jaw dropping, crowd buzzing spin move that was provided by Curtis Stinson off of the Cab Driver. HITS All-Stars weren’t disgruntled as they maintained their composure and kept it close only being down by six in the half, 48-42.

Second half made the difference throughout the duration of the game for the HITS All-Stars. Players such as “Silence of the Lambs” Will Cadiz and Aaron “The Problem” Williams, made key shots and lent a helping hand to the already dynamic backcourt HITS walked on the floor with. Taking the lead midway, HITS All-Stars never let their foot off of the gas peddle. A three point shot by Hardy, Cab Driver and Williams potentially sealed the deal for HITS, going up by as many as 20 points, ultimately silencing the loud and then-rawkus Dyckman crowd.

HITS would walk off victorious only after Kemba Walker laced the Dyckman crowd and the guy that was guarding him with a crossover that brought everyone out of their bleacher seats, causing them to run on the court.

A great moment for both Hoops in the Sun & Dyckman, and a great moment for streetball and its fans. If you weren’t there you must not be, as Uncle G-Stacks would say it, a streetball junkie.

Randy & Joe Cruz with U-Conn bound Mc Donalds All American Kemba “EZ Pass” Walker

August 4, 2008



Saturday was a rainy day at Sun Stadium. That didn’t stop “True Warrior” Ron Artest, the newly acquired Houston Rocket, from stepping onto the courts at Hoops in the Sun Sunday afternoon and making his HITS debut vs Team 914, in which both teams were battling for playoff positioning.

Bingo’s All-Stars, who already had MVP candidate Mike Glover on the low box, brought in Artest to create an amazing front court tandem. Glover, who posted up 51 points vs R2K Saturday afternoon, was looking for another monster game, and he didn’t disappoint.

Artest checked into the game with roughly six minutes remaining in the first quarter,looking to find his rhythm in his first game at HITS. Just like Marcus Williams of PR Pride/K1X and now the Golden State Warriors, it took Artest a while to get accustomed to the beach setting. Team 914, not worrying about Artest, had Will Cadiz making everything he threw up at the rim, even scoring on Artest on one defensive possession. Team 914 had the lead going into halftime 50-45, but the second half is where everything started to heat up.

Glover took his game to another level in the second half, hearing from the announcers that he was a MVP candidate. He had 51 the day before and almost repeated that mark Sunday afternoon by racking up 49 points and 22 rebounds. At least six to seven consecutive possessions the ball was in Glover’s hands, either drawing a foul on Team 914 or making the basket for a three-point play. Both teams were tied at 102-102 with two seconds remaining. Bingo’s All-Stars threw the ball away on the inbounds pass, which never touched anyone’s hands. Still with two seconds remaining, Team 914 was called for a five second violation. STILL, with two seconds remaining in regulation, Bingo’s All-Stars tried to win the game on a three-pointer but was unsuccessful. The game was sent into overtime.

Both teams knew this was a very important game for playoff possibilities and neither team wanted to go down in defeat. With Glover fouling out early in the overtime session, many were turning for Artest to take over in the extra session. But it was Curtis Stinson and Keydren Clark who came up big for Bingo’s All-Stars, hitting key three-point shots to put Bingo up for good and eventually knocking off Team 914 in overtime 116-110.

Ron Artest finished the game with 26pts, 16rbs 6asts and 2 stls. Not bad for a day at the beach.

July 31, 2008


187 and Ron Artest have been battling all summer and they are at it again, but this time it is off the the court. Our friends at are polling all the ballers out there on WHO IS THE EARLY PICK FOR ’08 NYC PLAYGROUND PLAYER OF THE YEAR? 187 has an early lead but you can never count
out a Tru warrier. Or K-Sat for that matter.
Hit the site up and cast your vote:

July 25, 2008


yesterday, senator barack obama pulled a kennedy by visiting (and wowing) 200 000 people in the heart of berlin city. right before he worked his charm, german reggae artist patrice took the stage in our limited k1x/livity cap no less.
scroll further down to a get a taste of k1x’s take on obamania. available in limited quantities soon…

July 25, 2008


k1x warrior homicide williams (currently leading bouncemag polls on 2008 nyc playground player of the summer) is one busy bee. in bewteen tearing it up on a varitey of nyc courts homi found the time record this flow tv feature in which the “silver surfer” raps about nyc streetball, making it to the nba, his street rep and on-court battles vs. ron artest, plus much more…

(lick on the image below to see the video)

July 23, 2008

K1X gets Sirius!

K1X warriors Corey “187″ Williams and Ryan “Special FX” Williams stopped by the Sirius Satellite Radio yesterday morning and paid a visit to the morning show on Eminem’s radio station Shade 45. The K1X crew talked to callers from all around the country about everything from groupies to overseas ballin!! Big shout out to the host Angela Yee!!

July 21, 2008


The 2008 HITS All-Star Game more than lived up to the billing – it was the number one spot to be this Sunday, July 20. With the weather in the upper 90′ies, crowds galore and the best players in the city, there was no choice but to put on a spectacular showcase for the fans.

K1X All-Stars were loaded with Darren Phillip, Rick Apodaca, Special EFX, Cory Underwood, A-Money, Kason Mims, Jiggy Josh Watkins, Panama Kirkland and Stixx Williams, while the HITS All-Stars included Antwan Dobie, Kenny Satterfield, Smush Parker and Justin Burrell.

K1X All-Stars, led by Hoops in the Sun Hall of Famer Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip, defeated the HITS All-Stars 110-106. The Fear led the way with 25 points and 12 rebounds, taking home All-Star Game MVP honors for the second time in his career. HITS All-Stars started off strong in the first quarter, going up 30-20, with eventually leading 51-44 at the half. (Watch the attached clip to see Coach Bernard Bowen’s flaming half time speach!) DP took over in the third, as he scored 16 points in the quarter for the K1X All-Stars.

HITS All-Stars began to make their run in the fourth but it was little too late. Missed free throws and fumbled key opportunities cost them the win. K1X All-Stars, with the help of James “Stix” Williams (22 points and 10 rebounds) and the timely shooting of Rick Apodaca closed out the deal at another fantastic HITS mid summer classic.

Big shout to Randy & Joe Cruz for making HITS such a success – K1X is proud to be part of the fam!

the beach…

…was packed!

it was hot, like real hot…

underwood is a winner. even in his choice of tee. to his left: ryan “special efx” williams is holding it down for k1x.

checka checka check it out

panama kirkland

a-money is having a break-out summer-season

dp & thirst (wadup mayne!). like the tee? wanna know more about dont fah get? check out

smush parker everybody!

hits all stars featured k-sat, anti-freeze, smush and justin burrell

the k1x all-stars…from left to right: jiggy watkins, a-money, stixx williams, panama, pretty ricky, special efx, dee pee & coach b (mia: underwood)

pr pride in full effect

many say he’s the best young pg in ny…josh watkins. dude has been hitting the weights!

efx can shoot!

cesar & emp with junior mvp sidique johnson

antwan “anti-freeze” dobie laced up his cg2′s and went to work for the hits all-stars

rick apadoca was strictly business in his limited pr editions (now at selected foot lockers in nyc and puerto rico) and led the team with 7 assists

k1x & hits with 3 point shoot-out winner jomo belfore

add it to others: dee pee wins hits all-star game mvp honors and underlines his status as best big man in the city. randy & joe cruz are the first to congratulate…

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July 21, 2008


germany’s anual reality check was in full effect this weekend. like the others before, this third edition of germany’s top bball tournament was a “do or die” affair, making all games seriously contested from the start. teams from all over the country plus visitors from france, belguim and romania made sure the level of play was top notch. a slam dunk contest hosted by the “dunkfather” kadour ziani, as well as performances by rachid wallas, dj kitsune, some strange dancers and freestyle skills battles gave the whole grc tourney a real party vibe.
thanks to rookie team manager niki uriostegui, k1x was loaded with skills and personality. k1x vet and player/coach paul howard (“let’s run ‘em into the ground!”) lead the team from the sideline and mvp tim burnett took the reigns on court. young jermain raffington was unstoppable, mixing it up with an array of inside/outside skills. sean brooks patrolled the paint, while tim schwarz, tom klemm and party machine niko jovanovic punished lazy d with deadly 3 point shooting. spectacular individual plays and a rocksolid team effort propelled team k1x thru the first 3 rounds with emphatic victories. the final game vs. berlin was a nail biter, but k1x came up short, as the ridiculously on-target three point shooting by our old friend heiko schaffartzik was too much to handle.
check the pics below for a taste of grc flavor:

mango, sean brooks, niki & p diddy

tim duncan clone jermain raffington

tim burnett arrives on the set

tb runnin’ the point

jovanovic laces up

tell em old-school!

team chemistry on display

from left to right: sean, jermain, tim, tim, paul, niko, mango & tom

stricly business, chiefgilder & cg2

shout to the man who made it all happen: grc mc jon mbimba

always pumped: kadour ziani

always funny: monkey man kadour “zianimal”

always on the move: the dunkfather

french mc rachid wallas

July 18, 2008


scoop jackson is known to drop knowledge … this bit is interesting: “Left standing from this basketball exodus are the likes of Corey “Homicide” Williams, the oxymoron: a point guard so good he probably will never see an NBA check.”
see what more scoop has to say about “nyc point guards” here:

which reminds us of an k1x tee. get your “nypg tee” on e-bay…

July 18, 2008

187 vs. Ron Ron pt. 3

The “Together We Chill” Tournament on 119th between 2nd & 3rd Avenues in Spanish Harlem has quietly become the hottest new summer league in NYC. It was also the stage for round three of the summer battle between our buddy Ron Artest and K1X warrior Corey “187′ Williams. Homicide won the last round by giving Ron 46 pts two weeks ago at the Hunter Pro League. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation as the two heavyweights matched up possession after possession. It was even crazier that 187′s teammate Francisco Garcia (current Sacramento King) was not the featured match up for Ron Ron. At the end of the game 187 ended up with the loss, Ron’s team was stacked (Anti-Freeze, Cab Driver, Sick-One, Mike & Ant Glover), but 187 ended up with 33 points to Ron’s 24. we’re pretty sure this will not be the last round of this new and improved streetball battle…

187 and antawn (anti-freeze) dobie

187 and francisco garcia (sacramento kings)

dobie in box-fresh cg2′s

187 vs. ron ron

July 18, 2008

Corey “187″ Williams to be featured on MSG Summerball tonight talking about

If you are in the tri-state area check out MSG Summerball tonight. The show will air at 7pm then again at 10 pm on the MSG Network. Mr. “187″ himself will be featured talking about his 187 shoe, Streetball, and battles with Ron Artest.

sneaker don bobbito gracia and homicide talk it up…

187 & undertaker

corey & fam

5asl & k1x


July 18, 2008

Homicide: “I got Bob!”

Bounce magazine’s Bobbito Garcia almost became the next name on the list for corey williams after “homicide” just put up 40+ against ron artest and smush parker. check out what went down at the 5th Ave. Classic All-Star game here:

July 16, 2008


can you say veteran? fabien fond has seen it all. the youngest player ever be signed to a pro contract in france can look back at a stunning career that includes 7 years in top french squad villeurbanne and running the point for the french national team. dude is still going strong and will coordinate the offense for meyrin grand saconnesx in switzerland’s premier division next season. his court vision, penetration and winning attitude make him a legit k1x warrior. plus we love the fact he’s still ripping it up at age 37.
keep doin what you do, fabien!

July 10, 2008

Homicide squares off against ron ron

yeah, we know, this happened last week, but we only just got a picture of the game. so here it goes…
homicide and his united brooklyn squad (also feat. “mookie” thomas and speedy williams) took on team queensbridge, lead by ron artest and ryan “special efx” williams (team flight brothers) at pro city, hunter college, and the matchup more than lived up to the considerable hype. infront of a capacity crowd (even joe budden on hand), homicide underlined his streetball status as “the most dangerous” by dropping 45 on one of the nba’s premier defenders, the tru warrior. artest scored 40 himself, but that was not quite enough, as ukb came away with the 134-125 victory over qb. gotta be the shoes right? get your homicide williams signature shoe “187″ at selcetd foot lockers now….we still love you ron ron!

read more here:

July 7, 2008



Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks can’t compare to the spectacle displayed Saturday afternoon in a monumental hoops in the sun classic between PR Pride/K1X and Hoop Street.

A week prior to this game, the infamous “The Cab Driver” broke “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield’s scoring record at “The Beach” with 65 points. A first guess would indicate that Satterfield didn’t take the news very well and looked to set things straight quickly…

PR Pride/K1X (incl. K-Sat & L.A. Clipper Andre Barret), after losing in a shootout last week against Bingo’s All-Stars, took the indoor-floor vs. Hoop Street. Both teams came in looking for their first victory of the season and those who stayed in the city for the holiday weekend were rewarded with an all-time classic. it quickly became apparent that this would be a high scoring affair with both teams tied at 44 at the end of the first quarter. PR Pride/K1X led Hoop Street 88-73 at halftime (!!) with Satterfield posting up 36 points while Barrett had 29. Satterfield took the back seat to his teammate in the third quarter letting Barrett go to work. But all hell broke loose in the fourth as both players hit shot after shot after shot. Layups, NBA three-pointers and Joe Dumars-like in-your-face buckets were handed out like business cards. Obviously all players and the buzzing crowd realized they were witnessing history in the making.

With less than a minute remaining, Satterfield (65 points) hit a three point bomb that sent the crowd into a frenzy giving him 68 points for the game and breaking “The Cab Driver’s” 7 day-old scoring record. Barrett, who had 63 points with two seconds remaining, hit a three point shot from the corner as time expired giving him 66 points for the game and capping the afternoon off with an historical 178-165 victory over Hoop Street.

But there were more records broken besides Satellites new scoring milestone (68 pts): PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a game (178), both teams combined for the most total points (353), PR Pride/K1X scored the most points by a team in a half (88), Satterfield broke the record for most three-point shots made by a player in a game (11) and PR Pride/K1X now owns the record for the most three-point shots made by a team in a game (23). Not bad for a days work!

For standings & schedules check:


bx bomber andre barrett

h.i.t.s. mc bobby c with talks it up with the sixties

July 4, 2008


peep this clip of slam nation’s legendary kadour ziani & hervĂ© “mr peps” slammin their hearts out at “tournoi de l’asphalte” in france last weekend.

YouTube Preview Image

wanna know what they were wearing? here’s a closer look…

k1x fam jam wifey

k1x 5th element bball shorts

and of course, the dunkers’ choice: k1x chiefglider 2

July 3, 2008


homicide williams is what streetball is. you’ve seen him walk the walk. now hear him talk the talk…
cop the all new 187 at selected foot lockers in usa and europe.

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