April 25, 2014

Soup of the Day: Pacific NOH Flag Crewneck


April 15, 2014

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Our iconic “Darwin Hip Hop” design is back by popular demand…!


April 5, 2014

Tie-dye tank tops by *folorunsho for K1X

A new series of 80 limited tie-dye tank tops marks the third collaboration between *folorunsho and K1X and was released exclusively at Pigalle (Paris), MRQT (Stuttgart), Unotre (Italy) and Feature Sneaker Boutique (Las Vegas) on April 4th.


*folorunsho is a creative collective from Sierra Leone, formed in 2011 by 20 young men aged 14–22, who were living under crucial circumstances in a gutter called “Lion Base” in the central part of Freetown. The Lion Base crew personifies the transformation from a ‘struggle for existence’ to ‘creators,’ transforming the ‘impossible’ to “I’m possible”.

Still stricken by the aftermath of the war it was impossible to find the necessary material in Sierra Leone. Thus the journey led to the neighbouring country Guinea. Back in Sierra Leone the material was then hand tied and dyed using local indigo colour. The production of the tank tops involved lots of innovation and improvisation due to the scarcity of basic necessities in Sierra Leone such as electricity and running water.Finally the material was shipped to Bavaria where 80 individual tank top where cut and sewn.


100% of all profits go directly to the *folorunsho creative collective to provide themselves with food, shelter adequate living conditions and seek an education for the first time in their lives.

Find more images after the jump!


March 31, 2014

Lipek and Smoove put on a show!

So does Dennis Rodman, but in a different way.

Click the image below to start the video. The dunk contest starts at the 2:30 mark.


March 28, 2014

Ball Don’t Lie!



Photo by Jon Lopez

March 26, 2014

In the Press: InStyle Magazine

The US edition of the magazine featured our Batik DCAC, made in collaboration with *folorunsho.

Props to the Whitaker clan.


March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Taking the old to the new …


March 11, 2014

Spotted: Marteria x Golden State 30 Hoody


March 10, 2014

Soup of the Day: Oahu Tanktop & Leaf Varsity Jacket


K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books.

March 7, 2014

Now playing: Olli Banjo feat. Kool Savas – Träumer

March 6, 2014

Soup of the Day: Basketbrawl Tee

“Now… what y’all wanna do? Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers? Brawlers!!”



March 5, 2014

Welcome to the jungle!



March 3, 2014

K1X Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of those heads that call the court “home“. One of those dudes, who lives in the park come summer time. Someone who knows the code…

And if your go-to move is the stuff of legends, if you hoop it up ‘til way past sundown, if a rebound is more important to you than making sure nobody gets hurt, if your mindset is to turn camaraderie into a vicious battle and then back to friendly banter, if you don‘t even notice the bruises and scars, if you‘ve been playing at the same court forever, if you got “next“ without needing to call it, if you‘d stick up for some guy just because you‘ve played with him, if your favorite way to fight a hangover is a good run in the sun, if you know who Billy Hoyle is without having to look it up, if you‘d rather do it in the park than on the hardwood, if the sound of bouncing leather balls on asphalt makes you salivate for action…

If all the above rings a bell… then you have “Park Authority“. Then you are in good company here. Welcome to the Nation of Hoop!

Catch more of the photography by Jonathan Lopez in our Facebook gallery and find the latest styles at www.k1x.com/shop!




K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books.

March 3, 2014

The LA Sizzlers Tee – by Lil Thugs for K1X.

Out now! www.k1x.com/shop


February 25, 2014

In the Press: Highsnobiety

The good folks over at Highsnobiety give you an exclusive preview of our new spring/summer 2014 collection. Enjoy!


February 12, 2014

Play hard!

Play hard

February 11, 2014

The Astronomical Kid is ready for the ASG in N’awlins!

Find the full line-up of our K1X Pelican Pack available here!


February 6, 2014

In the press: Kicks on fire

The guys over at Kicks on fire are previewing the all new lifestyle version of our AG, the Anti-Gravity Street which is set to release later this month.


January 31, 2014

Basketball is a religion …

… and that makes the park our church.

Check out these stunning shots by our friend Kevin Couliau!


January 31, 2014


The international launch of our notorious DCAC collaboration with designer Patrick Mohr (now in it’s 4th installment) was recently celebrated at “KICKZ Torstrasse” in Berlin. The event, which also included performances by Andhim, Mandel Turner as well a “Vogueing Happing” (yeah, we weren’t sure about that one either…), quickly went from friendly-gathering to so-so-hype to moshpit-mayhem. We had a blast! But see for yourself…