November 18, 2013


Peep our newest capsule collection – out now!

Photography by our buddy Jonathan Lopez



November 15, 2013

Out now: The Pelican Pack

Here’s a shot of Brooklyn’s own Kid Astro, sporting our all new Pelican Pack: next-level shit, straight from our notorious Franchise Series.
The Pelican Pack features a cotton hoody, crewneck, t-shirt, cotton tank top, mesh jersey as well as a 5-panel cap and two strapback caps (feat. leather straps).

Available now at selected retailers including, Snipes and our own online shop!

p.s. The caps fell off the back of the truck somewhere and will be avaiable online shortly. Stay tuned!

Photography by our buddy Jonathan Lopez


November 14, 2013

That’s why they’re called “Anti-Gravity”, dummy!

Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko and Rafał ‘Lipek’ Lipiński totally and utterly ruled the dunking scene in Europe this season. What started out with a victory at the BBL (UK) dunking contest, had turned into a fully-loaded trophy case by the end of the summer. These dudes raked in more silverware than a couple of master-thieves, basically winning every contest they showed up for. Smoove and Lipek personify “Anti-Gravity” to the fullest – and do a brow-raising job at repping our newest basketball performance shoe. High-5, fellas! Here’s to even bigger things in 2014…!

Click the image below to play the video!


November 12, 2013

The Pelican Pack

Coming this Friday …


November 12, 2013

Soup of the Day: NOH Leaf Snapback Cap & Cogburn Cord Vest & NOH Zipper Hoody…


November 11, 2013

Spotted: Kendrick Lamar

Good Kid – Mad T.e.e. … We’re really proud of this one … Here’s a recent shot of LA’s finest, recently voted Rapper of the Year by GQ, in our “Leaders of the New School” tee by Lil’Thugs for K1X. Dope!

We are almost sold out – unless you are a 2XL.


November 8, 2013

Snipes x K1X State

This season, we are proud to launch a very special edition of our sneaker-boot hybrid State. The two color ways, brown/camo and wool/red, are available exclusively at Snipes. We also threw in a pair of matching snapback caps for good measure.


November 7, 2013

Soup of the Day: Hardwood League Uniform set Mk2

The League Uniform Set has been K1X’ first team set and one of our very first trademarks. While it has been copied several times over by the competition, we have continuously refined the jersey and the shorts, making them lighter and more breathable. Ultimately, it was a no-brainer to be included in the launch of our team basketball line K1X Hardwood. The latest edition of the League Uniform set has been designed especially for ratiopharm Ulm, one of the most exciting teams in Germany’s first division, the Beko BBL. Jerseys, shorts and shooting shirts alike feature the team’s trademark orange colored highlights while the set is available in both a home (white-based) and away (black) color scheme. Available now via


November 5, 2013

Spotted: DJ Bamba Nazar (Blackstereo / Amsterdam)…

… at last Thurday’s KICKZ aniversary jam. For way more pics of an unforgettable night check our Facebook gallery!


October 30, 2013

Y’all ready?


October 23, 2013

It’s about that time…

Brand new beanies in stock!


October 23, 2013

Spotted: Macklemore

Check this dope shot of the mighty Macklemore in our new Pin-Up Babes Hoody. Fkn koo!

Image by Zoe Rain


October 16, 2013

K1X on the red carpet

Last night, the BET Hip Hop Awards were broadcasted from the ATL. Our newest fam member Astro was there to represent Brooklyn in BET’s famous Cyphers alongside Asia Sparks, Bad Lucc and Problems.


Kid Astro is wearing the K1X Fullcourt Mountain Parka.

October 15, 2013

Jus Fly was here …


October 12, 2013

That’s what’s up…


October 9, 2013


Back by popular demand…

K1X Leo

October 8, 2013

Store check: UNOTRE

We are truly proud to welcome one of Italy’s finest boutiques to the Nation of Hoop: UNOTRE. Selected highlights of our current fall/winter collection are now available through the UNOTRE webshop. Welcome to the fam’!


October 7, 2013

Spotted: Ryan Lewis & Macklemore…!

This pic of Ryan Lewis (in our latest varsity jacket) was shot recently in Frankfurt. He’s currently touring the world with his partner in crime, Macklemore. Lewis is a mastermind off the beaten track. He produced, recorded, engineered, and mixed all of the duo’s music, directed quite a few of their music videos and designed graphics (album art, web design, photography etc.). Talk about a lethal one-two punch…!


Photo by Zoe Rain

October 6, 2013

Soup of the Day: Brooklyn Play Hard Hoody


October 5, 2013

Taking over the world – one court at a time…