ODB is one of those unique cats who will live on forever. Just like our love for hoops in the nineties, which is one of many reasons to look back at this raw verse (Proteck Ya Neck II in the Zoo from the legendary album Return to the 36 Chambers – The Dirty Version):

Jerked my dick, but still got more hoes than a pimp
And score more points than Shawn Kemp
Keepin powerfully strong like the center on the Knicks
Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!!
Ol Dirty Bastard live and uncut

Ol Dirty kinda rhymes “pimp” with “Kemp”, which is probably worthy of praise in itself. And why not put the Manchild in the vicinity of hoes? Plus he features two of the golden era’s toughest dudes (Sean “The Reignman” Kemp and Patrick Ewing) in one strangely poetic stanza. Blunt but effective. And sort of off-beat. Gotta love it …

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