One down – two to go….
This summer, the Bread & Butter features a wicked Mad-Max-Burning-Man-California-Love type desert landscape in its gigantic backyard. And in true form, the weather was scortching hot today. K1X (who else?) was asked to host the BBB outdoor streetball court. With the help of our friend Dilim, we assembled an elite crew of Berlin’s finest ballplayers for the occasion. Here are some shots of an early morning shoot-around. Check back later for more pics of day 1…

It’s obvious Achmadschah Zazai got serious game! More images after the jump.

Photo credit: Jesper Ipsen

Fine form: the release, the arch, the tee…

Literally K1X…


The Nation of Hoop – Berlin Chapter

This vehicle is not actually moving. Pascal is just a good actor.

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