For those who don’t know – now you know… Ghostpoet (UK), who starred at our party last night, got game:

“With lullabies to hypnotise, this somnolent spirit is sleepwalking his way to greatness”
– The Guardian

“A mix between Mos Def’s halfhearted croon and Tunde Adebimpe [lead singer of TV On The Radio] on quaaludes”.
– Patric Fallon, XLR8R

“A voice that is idiosyncratic. It has a quality of it’s own. Languid, laidback, pensive, wise and broken. Sad but hopeful at the same time.”
– Nobodydancenomore

Just check out this link, you’ll listen to it over and over…the energy is infective:


Photo Credit: Dimitri Hempel

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