check this great feature by our young friend joseph vecsey, who wrote about several celebrities bball skills in the current issue of bounce magazine. we decided to add 3 more performing celebs to the mix, who we have had the pleasure to ball with:

ice cube (intl. press vs. l.a celebs, nba finals 2002): cube is smaller than on tv, but makes up for that in gritty effort. his handle and court-vision are kinda hectic and there he has little hangtime. for some reason, he prefers to rely on a sketchy jump shot, rather than rebounding, setting picks and scrapping, which he is actually rather good at. doughboy used to be a fixture in the nba entertainers league (possibly still is).

r kelly (open run, krefeld germany, about 4 years back): this guy is a really motivated ballplayer, who apparently tries to get a run most nights he’s on tour. robert is pretty athletic, has a ballers frame (about 6,3) and loves to shoot from behind the arc. in this particular game, he wasn’t hitting his shots, but got mad props from his entourage anyway. probably a job security thing. he gets up and down the court quickly though. the coolest thing: he sang the national anthem for a division 4 game infront of 250 spectators the following day. his boy yancy taylor still gets mad props for making that happen.

joe budden (k1x spriters vs. rap celebs, in dirk’s gym, wuerzburg germany, 2004): joe is not the tallest guy around, but has decent ups, he actually jumped for the ball at tipoff (didn’t get it though). he is a scrappy quick guard and not scared to mix it up. in this particular game, jb didn’t pass the rock, but he there was no one to pass it to either. the other rappers had difficulties getting upcourt without tripping. considering he played at a top prep school and considered going pro, his output was weak. but he was sufferng from jet lag, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt


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