2 thoughts on “chris herren’s comeback

  1. al grande says:

    i am a great friend of his father.i met chris while he was in high school.Didn’t know him that well until after the Portsmouth incident. This is where the real Chris came to life,no bells and whistles just a guy who was gifted with great ability,who was remorseful of how he handled his.Since that time ,I have seen a person come from those depths and attempting to change his life.He is a well respected member of the Portsmouth community and idolized by it’s youth as well as parents who have had the pleasure of meeting him . So from a good friend I pray that you keep doing what your doing and will keep getting what your getting.

  2. freind of smith and wilson says:

    Been where youve been and am where you are know.Cant explain to anybody what it feels like unless you wore those shoes.The intensty of emotions that flood you for no reason and bring tears to ones eye’s.The day i heard your story on a seatle sports radio show was one of those days that emotions rolled on and intensity gained momentum until tears for you fell brother,I could not only hear it but felt it,keep on livin life by the drop,from a brother in seattle take care I am rooting for to be the face of this thing.

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