You have certainly seen this dance before. Kids pull out in the club all the time: leaning side to side, putting their arms out front and running their hands over their heads? That’s the “Dougie”! A dance trend, that came along with the Jerk, the Cat Daddy and others.

The original dance was developed in Dallas, Texas by a hip hop artist and beatbox pioneer named Doug E. Fresh. Today’s version – made popular by Cali Swag District and others – is a modified version of the original that was first shown in a music video by Lil Wil called “My Dougie.”

“One of our friends from Inglewood went to Texas Southern University and he came back on a break and mentioned that the dance was hot out there.” says C-Smoove of Cali Swag District. “He knew how to do it, and he was like, ‘Ya’ll should make a song about this.’ So, he came up with the concept and we just went to the studio and made it happen.”

Now that you know the history behind it, enjoy “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District!


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