The Notorious IBE (international breakdance event) was founded in 1998 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Between 1998 and 2006 the event took place in the Nighttown Music Theatre in Rotterdam. In 2008, after a two year break, the festival moved to the city of Heerlen in the South of the Netherlands. Today, the IBE is an annual 3 day festival, gathering more than 10.000 visitors from all over the world. Unlike many other hip hop dance events, the IBE is set up as a 3 day festival.

Highlight of the festival is the “All Battles All”, a special program in which the top dancers of countries or continents are being selected to compete in a 3 story arena without judges and time limits. In recent years the All Battles All featured teams from the USA, Korea, Japan, Russia/Ukraine and Europe. In 2011 the Latin American continent was represented for the first time by a team with dancers from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

The festival‘s visitors can watch or participate in about 35 dance programs in 10 different locations called “Cyphers”. Each year, the IBE invites world renowned dancers (breakdancers, lockers, poppers, house dancers), DJ’s, photographers, video editors and special guests from the international dance scene.

The program includes dance battles, workshops, talk shows, dance shows and music performances. The IBE entrance ticket gives free access to all “Cyphers” and activities during the event.

The IBE is commonly known for presenting special dance programs like “Seven2Smoke” and the “Longest BBoy Move Battle”. In recent years the “Trukendoos XL TrickBattle”, the “Footwork Battle” and the “Powermove Battle” have grown in popularity.
Since 2008 IBE is hosting the European Finals of the UK BBoy Championships. With 80 crews participating, it’s the biggest Breakdance Crew Battle in Europe.

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