Juste Debout (“just upright”) is an international, annual dance competition founded by Bruce Ykanji and focuses on street dance styles. The four main categories are hip hop new style, house, locking and popping.

Juste Debout was initially held in 2002 in Paris, France, and has since then returned each year around February. The 2006 edition was the first to feature a number of linked events (so called pre-selections) in countries outside of France, with the finals being held in Paris. This allowed Juste Debout to reach a larger and more international audience. The preselections are held in countries all over the world, including Japan, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and more.

While the first battle in 2002 took place in a regular gym, it has become the biggest urban dance battle and needs the space of France’s biggest stadium today. The main events of Juste Debout consists of two on two battles in which two dancers work as a team trying to outperform the opposite couple in a specific dance style category. The music is chosen by the Juste Debout DJs and the dancers are not told of the songs in advance.

Juste Debout will take place in Bercy stadium, Paris, on March 11, 2012! Make sure to catch some video highlights after the jump!

Back in 2002:

Finals hip hop new style 2011:

2011 recap:

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