Our Mk3 has been flying off the shelves and on to those who strive for excellence – the sneakers were spotted on hiphop heads like Asap Mob or Travis Scott as well as on NBA Stars like Brandon Jennings. In other words, these joints are smoking hot right now – and most importantly almost sold out! We’ve had tons of requests for these limited badboys lately and therefor are happy to announce a last online restock at the following retail locations:

Primitive (London)
424onFairfax (Los Angeles)
Feature (Las Vegas)
SSAW (Stuttgart)
Torso (Mannheim)

Be fast, if you want to cop one of the last units out there…

2 thoughts on “DCAC Mk3 by Patrick Mohr – Can you say RESTOCK?

  1. troj says:

    They are pretty much gone everywhere. Primitive in London recently got a re-stock but we can’t guarantee anything.

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