“i apologize to my wife and my family. i want to apologize to the kings, to my teammates, the nba and everybody that supported me. for another incident to come up is very unfortunate. i definitely want to apologize for my behavior, even to the former teams I played on — they showed a lot of support. (I apologize) to david stern, to the nba, to all the players. the league is doing so well right now, and its guys like kevin martin, who is playing well. ron artest is once again in the media for something other than basketball. i want to apologize to everybody out there, once again to the kings and the sacramento fans and the sacramento people in general for my actions and my behavior.”

“i’m definitely (humbled) by what happened with my family and I took a step back as being a father and a husband and I’m looking forward to the day where I can make that right, with my family.”

“i’m definitely going to be involved with other families who are involved in a similar crisis such as the one I have been involved in this past week. i think there are a lot of families who could benefit from what I could say or let them know what I’ve been through. so, hopefully there are people in situations where they can better their families and better their kids. and hopefully better their marriage and their relationships. we’ll be involved with some assistance and hopefully be involved with the community of sacramento, most important. i’m definitely trying to do the right thing and send the right message because this is not something to be proud about at all.”

“i’m looking forward to getting back, it was fun practicing today with all the guys. i appreciate all my teammates who reached out to me and showed support to my family and to myself. thank you.”

international fans all over are excited to see the tru warier back on the hardwood. this artest mural from naples in italy just recahed us….