“together we chill” tournament on 119th street has been kicking up a lot of dust this summer – thanks to the hustle of commissioners dj Tedsmooth, g-bush and big tato. currently considered one of the hottest spots in the city, it’s no wonder new york’s top dogs are turning up in bunches. yesterday’s talent featured darren “luxury tax aka primal fear” philipp, “black diamond”, “stixx”, “the zen master”, “t-mac”, the glover bros. and a 13 year old ballhandling prodigy, who suited up and hyped to 300+ crowd with three funky assists, including a last second alley to the games most electrifying player, black diamond. darren philipp took home the “w” while he displayed his full skill set of fundamentals. stixx had a 40+ game in losing effort.
thanks to kevin couliau of asphalt chronicles for the great images!




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