yesssssss! our boy josh angulo pulled off the seemingly impossible. he was always the most talented and most personable surfer on the international windsurfing scene. now he is also officially the best. this past weekend, josh won the pro windsurfing world cup 2009 at the hyped-up finals in sylt (germany). the proud cap verdian windsurfer flew in straight from hawaii and swallowed a 12-hour jet-lag en route to winning the pwa’s coveted trophy in gnarly weather conditions (see pics below). the feat becomes even more amazing considering josh angulo’s history of sloppy preparation. speaking in basketball terms: it’s as though isiah rider showed up and outplayed kobe bryant for the 2009 nba championship. josh has been known to be wreckless on the waves, but also with his god-given skills, making him a natural crowd favorite, and this $ 150 000 victory all the more special. congratulations josh, and thanks for repping that k1x!




ride like a world champion:
more on the Cap Verde.

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