A tribute as a present from New Jersey: Cymarshall Law payed homage to one of rap’s greatest by putting out a Pete Rock Tribute Mix CD with DJ GI Joe. This joint is available as a free download right here.
Tracklist after the jump.

Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker – “Hip Hop in the Soul 2” coming Oct. 4th !!


1. One Life To Live Freestyle
2. The Game Freestyle
3. One, Two Freestyle
4. Tru Master Freestyle
5. Shut Em Down Freestyle
6. Take Your Time Freestyle
7. Freestyle
8. Hip Hop Freestyle
9. Freestyle
10. 732 Freestyle
11. Freestyle feat. St. Joe Louis
12. Take You There – Freestyle
13. Freestyle
14. Best Kept Secret Freestyle
15. Straighten It Out Freestyle
16. Reminisce Freestyle – Feat. Daniel Joseph

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