In probably one of the most anticipated streetball games in NYC history, Hoops in the Sun All-Stars, representing Orchard Beach in the Boogie Down Bronx, took on the Dyckman All-Stars, representing the Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan.

The game that was scheduled, then canceled, then re-scheduled finally went down Friday night with talent fully loaded, and if you were in attendance Friday night, you may have just witnessed another historical event in the annals of NYC streetball.

With players such as Kemba Walker, Dwight Hardy, Brian Williams (Tennessee) and the infamous “Cab Driver”, HITS were more stacked than IHOP on a Mother’s Day morning. Sporting the fresh to death blue and white K1X All-Star uni’s that were worn during HITS All-Star 2008, HITS All-Stars were ready to play in front of a standing room only crowd at Dyckman park.

Bobby Cey, Uncle G-Stacks and Kenny Stevens called the action in a collaborated three-man announcing alignment, reminiscing Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

Feeling each other out in the first half, both teams traded buckets, trying to establish a groove and a flow to the game. Dyckman All-Stars, who brought out former Iowa State star Curtis Stinson, “The Franchise” John Strickland, Mike Wilson and “Baby Shaq”, were hitting from all cylinders in the first half including an amazing, jaw dropping, crowd buzzing spin move that was provided by Curtis Stinson off of the Cab Driver. HITS All-Stars weren’t disgruntled as they maintained their composure and kept it close only being down by six in the half, 48-42.

Second half made the difference throughout the duration of the game for the HITS All-Stars. Players such as “Silence of the Lambs” Will Cadiz and Aaron “The Problem” Williams, made key shots and lent a helping hand to the already dynamic backcourt HITS walked on the floor with. Taking the lead midway, HITS All-Stars never let their foot off of the gas peddle. A three point shot by Hardy, Cab Driver and Williams potentially sealed the deal for HITS, going up by as many as 20 points, ultimately silencing the loud and then-rawkus Dyckman crowd.

HITS would walk off victorious only after Kemba Walker laced the Dyckman crowd and the guy that was guarding him with a crossover that brought everyone out of their bleacher seats, causing them to run on the court.

A great moment for both Hoops in the Sun & Dyckman, and a great moment for streetball and its fans. If you weren’t there you must not be, as Uncle G-Stacks would say it, a streetball junkie.

Randy & Joe Cruz with U-Conn bound Mc Donalds All American Kemba “EZ Pass” Walker

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