Day one was capped off with a battle between the two Co-MVP’s of the 2007 season, Dwight Hardy and “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield. Dwight Hardy of R2K led his team to victory over the notorious Money Train, 121-117 Saturday afternoon. With the Trains’ backcourt of “Antifreeze” Antawn Dobie & “Serious Satellite” Kenny Satterfield, it wasn’t enough to uplift a victory due to Hardy’s 54 point performance. Hardy’s 54 points is the most scored by a player in an opening season game, as well as breaking Satterfield’s record of most points scored by a player in a half, with 37 points coming in the second half. Money Train kept it close behind Satterfield’s 38 points & 26 points coming from the “The Undertaker” Corey Underwood, but when it came crunch time, Dwight Hardy was there to stop the Money Train dead in its tracks and let everyone know that he’s a problem. Money Train found that out up close and personal.

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