streetball bible bounce magazine just dropped their new issue, another classic. the cover alone is legendary. especially for us, as it features the real ron artest: ron ron haninging out with the kids in queensbridge. the bk/red reversible jersey sets the kids are wearing in the pic are o.g. k1x jerseys we made up for ron & jose’s (wadup big fella!) aau team “triple threat tru wariers” a while back. it’s good to see they’re still the craze in queensbridge.
ron artest was probably the stand-out baller in new york city this summer. gotta love an nba player who works the street courts in his off-season on a daily basis. even with only just one fron tooth we might add. but corey “homicide” williams was the man who owned new york’s most respected tourney this summer: pro city. take a look at kyle henry’s account of why hunter college was the place to be and how homicide left his footprints by clicking the images below …

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