the u.s. release of our corey “homicide” williams signature shoe “187” was another milestone for k1x, in the ongoing quest to take over the world, one court at a time. in a club (madison/manhattan) packed with talent, nyc’s most dangerous was THE go-to-guy this thursday, as ballplayers, mc’s, media and most importantly friends and family celebrated a big big day for homi, k1x and streetball in general. big shout-out to corey’s bx fam (whites, snoop, bozo, flight, keith & george)! major shout-out to k1x warriors darren philipp, kareem reid, rick apodaca, cory underwood and panama…
the 187 is now available in selected foot locker stores all over the usa. get yours at “by-baller-for-baller” price !
big up homi here:

also check out what australias basketball league had to say about the 187!

who was in the building? here’s part 1…

homicide williams brought a date, his moms! (in background bk rapper sha stimuli)

sky zoo


block royal & rick “open bar” apodaca

jojo & crew (runs house)

young gunna

c wood

big dus

team k1x feat. homicide

flight with 187 wht/blk and blk/wht

hater kool keith


primal fear & panama kirkland

bx meets bk

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