legendary nyc streetball tournament “hoops in the sun” (orchard beach, bx) and k1x gotta be the nastiest one-two punch in the big apple since ewing & starks! that’s why the bronx riviera roundball classic and your favorite got-next basketball brand have decided to join forces, in leaving a lasting impression on the mekka of streetball this summer!

“i feel this will become a great relationship between both brands,” says CEO Randy Cruz. “Both Hoops in the Sun and K1X are very well established companies and in making a decision on our next apparel company, it wasn’t easy but we felt this was the direction we wanted to go in. K1X was looking to be part of a basketball program that demonstrated professionalism and a prestigious track record, where their brand and their products can grow and expand throughout New York City and the Tri-State area and as always, we were looking to do something different. They showed great interest in trying to get us to acquire them for the 2008 season and I think that’s what made the difference in making a decision. I believe this can be a wonderful partnership not only for 2008 but for many years to come. I’m excited, I know K1X is excited as well, and we’re all looking forward to a new found relationship.”

k1x has successful distribution in over 30 countries world wide, and is set for initial u.s. launch at 250 foot locker doors, as well as premium partners like dr. jay’s this summer (later this may). with park baller icons like homicide, big game reid, primal fear, rick apodaca and cory underwood already holding it down in nyc, we are very proud to team up with a most legit institution like hoops in the sun! after all, it is boundless respect for competition, athletic skill and streetball culture, that is top priority for us both: play hard, don’t embarrass our products!

check hoops in the sun for more infos:


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