Our latest mini-series features 3 snapback caps and 3 all-over printed cotton tank tops, which pay homage to 3 basketball hotbeds: Brooklyn, Miami and New York.

The Brooklyn combo is all black/white everything – of course! The tank top reps a vintage Brooklyn street-map, which also adorns the cap’s under-brim. # 8 – “Brooklyn’s in the house”!

The Miami series features a floral print for a full-on South Beach vibe. As well as a message from #6: “Hi Haters”! Em-Vee-Pee, Em-Vee-Pee, Em-Vee-Pee…

“New Motherfuckin’ York” is the mecca of basketball as well as hip hop, which is why this set is highlighted by an old-school boombox print. Shout-out to our K1X warrior James White (#4)! 

Get your at selected retailers including KICKZ.com, Snipes and the all new www.k1x.com/shop

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