These limited K1X DCAC’s are a collaboration of three influences that were born and raised in the bavarian capital: graphic designers Fantomas, night club Edmoses and basketball brand K1X. Pop colored stitching details on the dark blue mixed-leather upper are reminiscent of 90s tennis tournament aesthetics, which were reanimated by the Edmoses crew in establishing their latest C.I. twist. Neon contrast stitches, velour leather patches, the “screaming” sole and an iconic “EM” logo stitch on the sneaker’s tongue make this ride unique.
Niels Jäger (Edmoses Chief and K1X Go-To Guy), who pulled the strings on this project had this to say: “Navy blue is the new black, you heard it here first!”


K1X DCAC LE Edmoses Edition: 150 pairs available in selected stores now (€ 79,90).


more images of the shoe and the club after the jump!

Edmoses Pics by: Flo Deventer & Slavica
Sneaker Pics by: Daniel Völker








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