Our good friend Josh Angulo won the fifth slalom race of the Korean windsurf World-Cup on the Angulo x K1X Magnum board! Well Done! Congrats! The concept of his board is by Dieter Jocham, a German shape guru, and yeah we proudly contributed the board’s graphics. By the way, the guy with the pink sail (in second position) is the Michael Jordan of windsurfing, Bjoern Dunkerbeck.

Slalom windsurfing is not really telegenic, however these guys fly over the water with up to 80 km/h. Like on the basketball court, tall guys with long arms have an advantage… However Josh is a “strong” version of J.J. Barea. To fill you in, Josh is not really known for his slalom racing… he is from Hawaii and now lives on the Cap Verdian island Sal. He is a wave dude who grew up with surfer-singer-songwriter Jack Johnson.


Josh used a stock “discount” sail to beat the world’s elite in this race (the sails of the other contenders cost around twice as much).

@ Josh: everybody here at K1X is really proud to have you in the fam – and hopes that you bring home a good over-all result.

See more pics of the board after the jump…

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