Notorious street artist and photografer JR is one of the most interesting characters in street art today and has become famous for his large black-and-white photographic images in surprising public locations. He exhibits his photographs in the street that he qualifies as “the largest art gallery in the world.” His work combines art and action and deals with commitment, freedom, identity and limits.

Today we can give you an excluisve preview at his new documentary “Women are heroes” about women in the 21st century which will air on January 12th 2011. Check out the trailer below. On another page JR is also the first dude to get his hands on a pair of our limited K1X DCACs Sierra Leone Edition. The sneakers will drop late March 2011 and be available at selected retailers like Colette (Paris), Pool (Munich), Streetammo (Aalborg), PICKYOURSHOES.COM and on KICKZ.COM, who will each hold 1 of 22 unique styles limited to 15 pairs each!
Stay tuned for more information!


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