a limited artist series!

We can finally give you an exclusive peep at K1X’s much anticipated artist series of unique basketballs, designed by four outstanding icons of graphic art: Marok x bill mcmullen x Mode2 x Frank 151 Feat. Stay High 149. Today we’ll start out by introducing you to Marok’s artwork, who interpreted the element of WATER.


The launch of the “4-E” collection is highlighted by our limited artist series of unique K1X basketballs. Four distinguished icons from the realm of graphic art were asked to unleash their creativity and go one-on-one with the hoop culture’s most fundamental ingredient: the basketball. Marok (Water), Bill Mc Mullen (Fire), Mode2 (Earth) and Frank 151 featuring Stay High 149 (Air) brought their usual a-game and interpreted one force of nature each. All four balls are strictly limited to 444 units and available at selected retail locations only.


world wide releasedate for this limited artist series: thursday, january 21st 2010!

special thanks to delikiz for the video!

more detailed images after the jump!




4 thoughts on “K1X – 4 ELEMENTS 4 ICONS 4 BASKETBALLS | Marok

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