Our finest streetball teams will compete in the FIBA 3X3 Challenger tournament during the ING-DiBa #SHUTUPANDPLAY tournament in Berlin this weekend. The teams battle for a prestigious FIBA World Tour ticket and the ultimate bragging rights – not to mention 5.000 USD in prize money. A direct qualifier for the FIBA World Tour, the 2016 ING-DiBa #SHUTUPANDPLAY Berlin Challenger is officially the highest level of 3X3 basketball ever to be played in Germany!

In addition, the world’s premier high flyers will pay a visit to the ING-DiBa #SHUTUPANDPLAY as well and take on all comers during the #SHUTUPANDPLAY Dunking World Championship on Sunday, July 23rd at 3PM. Make sure to stop by when you’re in the are, the entry is free and highlights are guaranteed!

The last time the Dunk Elite guys were at #SHUTUPANDPLAY in Berlin, this happened:

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