wadup nation of hoop! more and more, european basketball is where it’s at. nba players are coming to play on the old continent and high school talents are starting to skip college to improve their game in serious competition vs. bearded grown men. watch out for brandon jennings and ricky rubio who will probably compete for next year’s number one spot in the draft. not to mention rowdy fans and no-joke heckling (have you ever witnessed a greek derby?).

to celebrate our european heritage we teamed up with the number one website for euro-ball to bring you the ultimate trivia … check ballineurope.com for daily updates and information all around the european leagues and the euroleague!
win 5 brand new k1x outfits including tag tee, check shorts and the chiefglider 2s … what to do?

- check www.ballineurope.com to find the first word of the hidden password

- check k1x.com and look for the second part

- send the solution to info@k1x.com (include your sizes, addresse)

- deadline september 30

- the 5 winners will receive an email … good luck, play hard!

- hint: check the latest 3 posts …

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