K1X & Dandy Diary present “Das Deutschland Pack”

Release: 15.12.16

Germany got history. Germany got future. Germany builds cars. Germany drives bikes. Germany is straight. Germany is gay. Germany is right. Germany is wrong. Germany is nerdy. Germany is cool. Germany plays Fussball. Germany plays Techno. Germany is polite. Germany is protest. Germany is the problem. Germany is the answer. Germany is white. Germany is black. Germany is Bundeswehr. Germany is Berghain. Germany is rude. Germany is rap. Germany is yours. Germany is ours.

Lately, there’s been some shameful stuff going on in our country. Like hate and violence under a false umbrella of “patriotism”. Isn’t it wrong to leave key symbols to the idiots, tho? Maybe it’s better to “play hard” and to challenge the boundaries Ye style… to punk the fascist insects. Fashion bloggers Dandy Diary & K1X think it’s about that time to shake things up – it’s time to flip the flag…! Introducing “Das Deutschland Pack” feat. Sports Cap, Tee, Hoody, Coach Jacket & Tearaway Pants for “the black, for the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow” (Kurtis Blow). Limited to 250 units per. Available at selected accounts only.

Release event DANDY DIARY – “Das Deutschland Pack” at KICKZ Torstrasse, Berlin this Thursday, December 15th (7-10pm) / Garma Kang (live) & DJ Kabelkater / Video installation: Ruben Meier / Photography: Shirin Siebert @030shirin

Die Welt: http://www.welt.de/icon/mode/article160155282/Wir-wollen-AfD-und-Pegida-dieses-Symbol-wegnehmen.html

Dandy Diary: http://dandydiary.de/dandy-diary-x-k1x-das-deutschland-pack/













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