Made in Munich. The DA#4 is the result of a collaboration project between basketball brand K1X and custom motorcycle brand Diamond Atelier. Teaming up in 2015, the two Bavarian firms decided to customize a BMW bike in +400 hours of labour, combining both signature styles in one masterpiece. Diamond Atelier provided the mechanical skills to convert K1X’s vision of an aggressive, low slung bike. Army-green details are a hint at K1X’s upcoming fall/winter 2016 “Core” collection. Due to both brands originating from Munich, it was clear from the beginning that a BMW model had to serve as a donor. The brand new RnineT was chosen to be transformed in a way which hasn’t been seen before.
To make the bike as unique as possible, no expenses were spared in the customization process. The logos are made out of original sterling silver and the bike features a genuine diamond in typi- cal Diamond Atelier manner. Other highlights include air filter inlets running through the handcraf- ted gas tank and reworked cutting-edge electronics (hidden in the bike’s tank) to make the con- temporary production bike’s appearance as minimalistic as possible. CNC-machined one-of pieces like the top triple clamp or alternator cover are branded with the iconic K1X leaf.
One of the main appointments in the bike’s 2016 schedule is its appearance at the Glemseck 101 and Intermot 2016, where it will be raced on the 1/8 mile. The bike will also be showcased at KICKZ Torstrasse (Berlin), among others.

The bike launches in Munich, Germany on May 6. Head over to Facebook for more details.

Photos by Lukas Magerl Photography











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