In an effort to augment attendance, the Bavarian Women’s Basketball League (BWBL), which had recently made raunchy headlines for employing strictly male cheerleaders, approached K1X to make further suggestions in regard to the league’s complete make-over. Of course, the challenge was met with reckless abandon. After several weeks of testing, K1X C.E.O. Chris Grosse opted to run with a polarizing (but dependable) approach: “Sex sells. That’s nothing new. Everybody knows it but people tend to forget about the power of the naked flesh. Sex sells lipstick, cars, even ice-cream. So why shouldn’t it sell basketball? I am positive that our reworked uniforms will propel the BWBL onto the media radar and make a huge difference in attendance.”
The idea of transferring a stripper’s aesthetic to the playing field is in itself not revolutionary (see Lingerie Football League, USA). But it could be especially attractive in a basketball context, where the spectators are closer to the court, and the players have no need for additional protective equipment. Designed by the upcoming turkish design phenomenon Derya Tailormax for K1X, this new concept was love at second sight for the BWBL’s commissioner Traudl Duttel: “I was shocked when I first heard what K1X had planned. But the idea of a (really) sexy women’s league quickly grew on me. I am excited about and very proud of this hot collaboration.”
The BWBL’s new uniforms, that include fishnet stockings, frilly suspenders and bikini-like tops and bottoms, will be introduced at the start of the new season in September, later this year.

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