So there’s this guy in the Czech Republic, who caught our eye for several reasons…

First of all, he’s always wearing K1X and posting K1X-loaded content. Secondly, this dude has about a gazillion followers on Facebook, YouTube etc, even tho he’s not an athlete, artist, TV personality per se. Why then? It seems he just does weird stuff and posts it on the net. There is one clip of him on YouTube that has over 600 000 views – but we’re not sure why. His latest project is a rather impressive -and scary- transformation from regular guy to the Incredible Hulk 2.0. (Check out the latest images on his FB page…) One day last year, he was standing in our offices to pick up a monster order of K1X Energy Drink, and of course we jumped at the opportunity to learn a little more about this Czech phenomenon. Cool dude – huge “Play hard” tattoo over his shoulders – always ready for a laugh.

Last week, Shontey asked if we could interview him and post it on the net. Sure, why not….

Q: Why do they call you Shontey?
A: Before I started making videos, I wanted to be a rapper. I enjoyed making rap music back then and still do. I like writing lyrics and express myself through music, so I needed an alias. I can’t really remember how, though. Maybe I saw it written somewhere or maybe it came to my mind when I was scratching my ass, back when I was unemployed.

Q: You are quite a celebrity in CR & SR – how come?
A: I started making videos during a very good time. I was one of the first Czech uploaders on YouTube. I was unemployed back then, which allowed me to be active every day. At first, nobody in the Czech Republic believed that you can become famous on YouTube. Once people started realizing the possibilities, more and more uploaders came to YouTube. If I had just started making videos, they would not be as entertaining to people as they used to be, because the competition these days has become so much bigger. Back then, I believe I was the first person in the Czech Republic that got a YouTube partnership. Though I’m assuming that many people only watched my videos because they liked the fact that someone from the Czech Republic has so many views.

Q: Do people recognize you on the street and try to talk to you?
A: Well, the best times are over by now but there are still many people who recognize me, scream after me, talk to me or want to take pictures with me. Lots of them know me from videos or as a person who promotes the brand K1X in the Czech Republic. Some of them even think it is my own brand.

Q: Ha ha, what do you tell them?
A: “Yes yes, of course it is”… :D sorry Chris (Grosse, K1X C.E.O.)

Q: You are usually sporting K1X. What does the brand mean to you?
A: I’ve been wearing K1X since the first full collection hit the Czech market. You will not find anything else than K1X in my wardrobe. For me, K1X stands for style, art, nice colors & quality material. It is the brand I’m imagining when someone is talking about clothes. I live by it and it’s a part of me. I wonder if there are many people like me..

Q: Damn…let me ask you this then: do you get a lot of pussy?
A: No.. it’s more like lots of pussies get me.

Q: What is your favorite K1X product?
A: I think that K1X can be divided into two sections. One section is inspired by basketball and the other section would be street fashion, which is also the one I prefer. I like many K1X products but at the moment I would really like to get a hold of the new K1X DCAC by Patrick Mohr Mk3 in the red color way.

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A: Well, that depends on how you define crazy.. The last crazy thing I did was in the “Heidepark” in Germany, but actually I do crazy things every day (shhh). Play hard!

Q: C’mon man, this is an interview, make an effort. We need to know…
A: Sometimes it’s better to be vague, trust me…!

Q: What makes the CR a special place? Is there a big basketball & hip hop scene?
A: Well, I played basketball for 12 years. Today I don’t follow Czech basketball anymore but it is one of my dreams is to see a NBA game live one day.
As far as the hip hop culture is concerned, some people are making their living off of it here but there are also a lot of rappers out there, trying to do something, who are not successful at all. There are not too many people who appreciate this type of music. The Czech Republic nowadays is a country where electro, house, dubstep and drum & bass are the most popular genres, like in most European countries.

Q: Tell us 3 things you like most about the Czech Republic?
A: I can’t think of anything… Maybe because I want to travel, see other countries and do crazy shit! But so far this hasn’t worked out too well, unfortunately.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: At the moment, I’m doing something I don’t enjoy life at all. I’m working three shifts for 85 crowns per hour (≈ 3,50 € / hour). I am tired of that work and don’t have much time and energy left to put into making videos. I want to do for a living what I enjoy, which is making videos, entertaining people and promoting K1X.

Q: Cool! We are open for ideas all the time…what would you do for K1X if we gave you 100 000,-?
A: You mean 100k and a pair of those red DCAC shoes by Patrick Mohr Mk3 in US9 size, right? Dont you think its enough that i have your words tattoed on my back? What more do you want? i am your #1 fan in Europe, You tell me what would you want me to do… I can jump from a plane, whatever man!

Q: Tell us about your tattoo…
A: In my tattoos you can see something that is inside of me, that only I know the meaning of. And even if you think you know what it means, you don’t.

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