It was the complete and utter fascination with the game’s specifics that brought us together in the early 90’ies. Back then it was the way John Starks dwarfed the Bulls with that one dunk. Chuck’s oversized personality. Oscar Schmidt’s refusal to join the league. The Worm’s hustle and post-outlet up-court jog. Billy Hoyle’s understatement. Mike’s “I got this” face. Petro celebrating each deep three like a game winner, the Reignman’s lisp and Shaq’s draft hype. First pick. Young Penny. Run TMC. Hoop Dreams. Scottie’s reach, LJ’s beard, C-Webb’s shorts, Horry’s rings and Seikaly’s South Beach babes. The myth of Real Madrid’s Arvydas Sabonis. AI’s swag, Stockton yo-yo’ing at the 3pt. line and Oak’s midrange J. A capacity crowd at the park. Sprewell vs. Coach Carlesimo. Buggin Out vs. “Larry”. Bird’s cameo in “Jump Around”. Thunder Dan from downtown, KJ over the Dream and Zo posting up down low. Jesus Shuttlesworth. Vintage jerseys and fresh kicks. Dikembe’s finger, Ryder’s Oakland roots and the Mailman’s boots. Marv Albert’s “yesss”, Coach Jackson’s gait and Dominique’s windmill. Well, you get the picture…

Stay tuned for part 2, coming up tomorrow!

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