Growing up in Munich, Germany, in the 90s, basketball nerds, hip hop heads and solid competition were hard to come by. That’s probably what made it all the more special when we did team up, sharing common interests in sneakers, all types of basketball action and Q-Tip’s flow. We partied together, talked a whole lot of trash and competed in endless pick-up games. It was Chris’ sneaker store and our distinct drive to create something unique, which naturally lead to the founding of K1X. The Nation of Hoop is our personal contribution to basketball culture. At first, everything was pretty much learning-by-doing. We fed off of each others’ vibe, always pushing the project to the next level and quickly gained serious momentum. That’s what it’s like when you’re in the zone. People caught on and made K1X from a local phenomenon to an international brand. We still consider ourselves underdogs but are right on course to “take over the world – one court at at a time”. The bond which was crucial to K1X’ tip-off is still palpable in our company’s every move. We’ve grown like a high school power forward and strengthened all aspects of our game. K1X will forever remain a “by ballers for ballers” unit

Stay tuned for part 3, coming up tomorrow!

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