Of course, it was the support and inspiration of countless individuals along the way, that made K1X into a movement. Team Sierra Leone. Homicide Williams. Ron Artest. Bobbito. The So Solid Crew. Guru. Joell Ortiz. Saigon. Sean Price. Saian Supa Crew’s Sir Samuel. RZA. SLAM Magazine. Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip. The Spezializtz. The PXA Posse. Kool Savas. Team Flight Brothers. Ghost. Rick Apodaca. Kareem “Big Game” Reid. Ademola Okulaja. World B. Free. Club Selecao. Meth & Red. Stay High. Josh Angulo. Red Cafe. El. Ryan. Dave. Max. The Cali Agents. Edmoses Bar. Patrick Mohr. BG Goettingen. Urspring Academy. The Hip Hop Don’t Stop crew. Charles Oakley. And the back-to-back streetball champion K1X Warriors.

Stay tuned for part 4, coming up tomorrow!

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