It’s here! And it has some dope kicks in the game!

NBA 2K17 is in stores for a few days and for the first time contains our K1X performance shoes “Anti-Gravity” and “Paradoxum”.
Our T-Wolve Adreian Payne is flying through the Association in the “Anti-Gravity” while our ‘NBA 2K-Rookie’ Per Günther is reppin’ the “Paradoxum”, as ratiopharm Ulm is part of the Eurocup.

NBA 2K17_20160918140527
Adreian Payne (Minnesota Timberwolves) in ‘K1X Anti-Gravity’

NBA 2K17_20160918143627

Per Günther (ratiopharm Ulm) in ‘K1X Paradoxum’


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