We teamed up with got-next artist Lil Thugs from Paris to create an exclusive series of t-shirts featuring four iconic ballplayers  that personify our trademark “play hard – don’t embarrass our products” philosophy. All designs are exclusive to K1X and feature the unique cartoon illustrrations that have cemented Lil‘ Thug’s reputation as the definition of “streetwise”. Because greatness lies in the details. After portraying west coast hip hop culture (also see The Game’s recent album cover “It must be me“), Lil Thugs is ready to floss his skills on the hardwood.

Today: Bad Boys Tee
These guys are the epitome of “whatever it takes”. Back to back champions, baby!

Keep it glued to k1x.com for the other three tees of this exclusive pack!

3 thoughts on “K1X & Lil Thugs present: PLAY HARD ICONS

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